Rye Preserve

One of our favorite places to go is the Rye Preserve, about 7 minutes from our place. There are hiking trails, a creek that goes to a river,  a very nice sandy area where the kids love to make castles and dig holes.

Mischief + Drawing Tablet

I got a new drawing tablet! It’s a cheap Ugee M708 that has decent ratings in Amazon. I also bought Mischief, a drawing software. Here’s my initial drawing: My initial thoughts on the two – I like Mischief a lot, and Ugee not so much.  I know, incredibly technical review. I’m still getting used to…

Vietnamese Pho

We got some beef bones from Amy’s parents the other day, and I’ve been craving some good pho, so… A quick trip to the local Asian store and I have everything that I need, plus this: For the stock, I followed the recipe from Serious Eats: I had different cuts of beef, plus three big…

Vietnamese Wraps

We haven’t had vietnamese wraps since we moved to Bradenton almost a year ago, and we were craving something cheap and healthy so we made some wraps! We invited ourselves to the Holtons and brought everything – including the sriracha sauce of course. the only thing that we didn’t have was mint and holy basil…

Beach Day

We went to the beach last Saturday. It was perfect. We even saw a sea turtle.


One of our favorite vacation places in the Philippines is in Sua, San Dionisio. The island in the background is called Manap-hag in the local language, or Pan de Asucar by the Spanish. It’s the second highest point in the Panay island group. My mom’s house is about a kilometer from this beach. They were…

A sketch

One of my sketches of a possible design for the farm house someday.