Most of my posts these days are mostly about food. That says quite a bit about what we prioritize. The photos are courtesy of Mike Araña and were taken during one of our game nights.

A few months back, our oven broke. It’s going to cost quite a bit of money to fix since the part that needs replacement has to come from Europe, and it’s going to take three months to get here. So, we haven’t done any baking, and by we, I mean, Amy. And, being Amy, that hasn’t really stopped her from being creative in making an epic cake for the kids’ birthday (and since we’re also very cheap, we decided to lump all their birthdays into one pseudo-celebration during one of our game nights).

We’ve never had crepe cake before, but it sounded intriguing, and doesn’t require an oven. Before that, we made okonomiyaki because that’s one of Maya’s favorite food.