yay, i’m finally updating my blog! we’re now in iloilo city, philippines, slowly adjusting to, and more than just surviving, we’re actually starting to feel comfortable (except those extra hot and humid nights). right now i am sitting in a coffee shop and listening to a sermon by tim mackie on forgiveness. tim’s one of the bible project guys, very good teacher, and i will totally plagiarize his sermon because i am slated to give one this sunday. this will be the first time that i will speak in both english and hiligaynon, my mother tongue.

speaking of tongues (ha ha), amy and the kids are slowly learning hiligaynon, mostly through osmosis. maya and max are learning it mostly from school (they teach in mother tongue), and amy is still on the lookout for a good teacher/system to learn hiligaynon. hopefully they will be able to learn it well enough to know what is being talked about soon. it’s not a fun thing, feeling a mix of emotions of being left out, feeling stupid, etc.

right now i am just rambling, there is really no coherent thought process to this post. maybe this is just to inform whoever happens to stumble upon my website that “look, an activity! this site is not dead!” hopefully this will spur me on to make more posts soon. i’ll be adding more information about what we are doing here in the about page.