kuribod means runt or small in the Hiligaynon language. It is also the nickname of Sam Divinagracia, the co-owner of kuribod.com. kuribod.com a design company owned by Sam and his wife Amy. It also embodies their design philosophy of paying attention to the little details, whether they’re designing your online presence, drawing a coloring page for their kids, crafting coffee, or coming up with a new recipe. yes, they both love to cook, too.

Sam is an amateur photographer, doodler, coloring page creator. He loves learning about new things, especially design ideas, whether it’s about tiny home designs, new ideas for bamboo houses, making brick and mud pizza ovens, gardening with a purpose, a new way of presenting theology, or a new way of doing stuff on the web. He likes to tickle the gray matter in between his ears.

Amy was a high school and middle school teacher in China. She’s fluent in Japanese, and can argue with shopkeepers in Mandarin. Her background of growing up in Japan and 9 years teaching in China, along with her degree in English has given her not only a keen eye for what looks great, but the ability to express it well. She is an invaluable partner when it comes to translating what clients want into design ideas.