I’ve been doing a little bit of house design lately. We have an existing structure next to our old house in Iloilo City, Philippines that we might be able to use as either temporary housing or, if we like it, maybe a more long term solution. Oh, right, in case you don’t know, we’re moving back to the Philippines next year. 🙂

The current building is a 17x21 – foot room made of concrete, with an extension for a bathroom on the side. the roof is flat and made of concrete, so making a second floor should be easier than if it has a traditional roof. right now it has a bed and a few furniture inside. This is what I am planning on doing with it:

1stfloorrender 1stFloorrender 2

The posts on the rendered image are for the second floor. As you can see, for such a small space I thought it would be better to make the whole first floor as Kitchen and Dining area and put all the bedrooms and living room upstairs.

render6 render 4

The two ladders are for the loft at both ends of the house. There will also be a screened porch and a mudroom.

render8 render7

Hopefully we can make this into reality!